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Mireydi is a filmmaker based in Austin, Tejas. She has been developing her body of work through music videos, narrative shorts, and feature documentaries. Her work explores cultural assimilation using family histories and her own experience as a first generation Mexican-American to weave intimate stories of: loss, love, redemption and the perseverance of hope.

Her short films evoke moments of timeless beauty, reveal the sweetness in individual struggle, lend visibility to and inspire those whose stories are so often left out of the picture.

Currently she’s completing multiple films, “Amor Duro” (Tough Love) and “East.” Her films have been recognized by film festivals worldwide, such as the: SXSW Film Festival, Cannes Court Métrage, and Guanajuato International Film Festival, among others.

Selected clients include: BBATX, Lala, Televisa, Tequila Herradura, Vera Bradley, and Verizon.

Slide into her DMs for any and all inquiries about availability, creative process, collaborating on projects, or just to talk chisme.